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The Pet Initiative

Training Packages

Initial consult  

$120 / 90 minutes

Puppies up to 6 months old

Puppy Package

Puppies will learn foundation behaviors such as; targeting, recall, drop-it and leave-it. They will also learn house manners-greeting visitors, leash manners, sit stay, down, place and socialization.

Dogs 6 months +

Adult Dog Package

Adult dogs will learn basic manners like sit, down, stay, place. They will learn leash manners, targeting, recall, drop-it, leave-it.  We will work on behavior modification for problem behaviors.

Small Brown Dog
Small Seated Dog
Dog Adoption

Rescue Dog Package

Rescue dogs will learn basic manners as well as calm behavior, confidence building, targeting, recall and socialization.  

Train your pooch!

Day Training

Playing Dog
Seated Dog
Behavior Issues

Behavior Resolution/ Modification

I work with owners and their pets helping to resolve problem behaviors such as; aggression, separation anxiety and reactivity to other dogs and people.

Your Feathered Friends

Companion Birds

Birds will learn how to step-up and target touch.  I work with each owner helping them to feel comfortable with handling their bird and avoid biting behavior. 

Positive Reinforcement

Gets Positive Results